For sensitive areas requiring an ultimate security, EVERTECH brings an innovative solution by developing the PRO-SITE system.

By actively filtering human presence, the system enables to highly divide up with partitions the identification coupling areas for an optimal security and in order to be operational in any possible configuration of area to protect.

The system is designed for any private or public companies, institutions, factories or industries which fear criminal acts such as sabotage, piracy, thefts of intellectual property, maps, archive, database, etc., or which require an increased security of their premises - from their staff as for classical breaking and entering.
Examples of concerned areas :
- military sites, research laboratories, police or gendarmerie premises,
- airports, museum rooms and stocks, banks, strong rooms, jewelleries,...
- Ministries, embassies, research centres, company head offices,
With an almost unlimited capacity and a multitude of possible configurations, the PRO-SITE system is the only one to guarantee such a high level of security and it can also replace existing access controls and alarm systems while minimising the users use constraint.
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