The PRO-PARK system marketed by EVERTECH is a revolutionary patented system,
which is the only autonomous protection system in the world for underground car parks.

It aims at the permanent and autonomous electronic surveillance of car-parks
It is the only system able to prevent the various problems linked to security such as car thefts or wear and tear, car thefts with violence (car-jacking), all sorts of car park wear and tear (thefts of fire extinguishers, graffiti, etc.)
Unlike existing systems, the EVERTECH system does not secure only doors and accesses. It also acts as a permanent virtual watchman who lets nobody hang around within the car park if he is not a resident of the building or if he is not authorised to be there.
The system has been designed to be dreadfully effective together with reducing at maximum the use constraints for users imposed by any traditional high security systems.
With a unique design, the system does not require any human surveillance and can interface with any existing equipments (car park doors, entrance doors and double doors…) in buildings and car parks.
It even becomes an undisputable collective increase in value,
since it involves to promote the concerned real estate.
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